Safety Dating Tips

Safety dating tips

Unfortunately there are lots of online dating sites that act as predators and whose sole purpose is to empty your wallet, during our three month experiment, we realized that on the web there are many sites full of fake profiles where the Most of the time you end up talking to a guy pretending to be a woman. In the worst case, these guys are dedicated to obtaining and stealing your personal information such as your bank information or your credit cards. In addition to having false profiles, we find that several of these sites are dedicated to host many scammers from abroad who seek to convince you that they are ardent women who only need "a little money to go to travel" or who have had a mishap that requires immediate attention and cash. Remember that if someone seeks to get you money, the smart thing you can do is block them and forget your profile which is 100% false. If you need a guide to identify fake profiles or extortionists on sites to link online, we recommend you read our article Cheats to Avoid Fraud Encounter Sites.

Things in the internet world are not very different from the real world. So you need to pay attention when you go to make your first move. Take some of your profile. A book or a movie you've seen, you have many opportunities to explode. A people like to talk about themselves, finds a way to do this and then go beyond. Never before has it been so easy for married men and women looking for an affair like now with online dating pages. According to an MSNBC survey, 30% of men with ads active on these sites are married. So they turn to virtual dating platforms with a mask to hide their true marital status. These pages have made it easier for the unfaithful, and most likely if you have run into them. Although you may find some confessing directly that they are only looking for some online fun, others may resort to lying, falsifying their Data, deceiving people looking for a formal relationship. The news of scams seem to only happen to others and yet they become more and more common in the network. Scammers also use these dating sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships and ultimately convince people to send money in the name of love, then disappear. Scammers at these sites use more sophisticated techniques. In a typical case, the scammer creates a fake profile with pictures of an attractive person, they look for their victims and they first fall in love with compliments, create emotional bonds for some months, and gain the confidence of the other person. Then they invent the most dramatic stories, such as that they desperately want to visit them to know them but they do not have enough money, a sick mother who needs an urgent operation, a lost business ... the story always ends the same, you will be asked to, please, send The money and then return it. But in the end the person will disappear with the money.

"They present themselves as vulnerable, but they are actually looking for someone who is more vulnerable," says FBI Cyber Division chief Tim Gallagher. A person at these dating sites who asks for money is almost certain to be a scammer.

Women are mainly those who are most exposed to this type of activity. Stalkers also lurk on online dating sites, the computer screen can be the perfect hiding place for people with emotional insecurities and perverts.

The stalker may present himself as a very intelligent and charming guy. An attractive, persuasive person who seems to be very interested in the other person, making her feel special until she fully gains her trust. Problems begin when the victim begins to feel that contact with this person is becoming very "sticky" to the point of wanting to spend less time or leave it.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, an insidious form of harassment occurs when the victim is drawn into a relationship from which she later wants to leave. The stalker is usually an emotionally disturbed subject and may suffer from a personality disorder. So your fear of rejection and insecurity leads you to perform strange behaviors such as following the other person, hanging around your house, sending unwanted mail and gifts, constantly calling, spreading malicious rumors, among others.

There are stalkers constantly seeking new victims and others who develop an obsession. In any of these cases, it is recommended that it be understood that they are people with mental disorders, so it is necessary to give notice to the family law enforcement authorities.
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