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10 first date tips

you should always remember:

The first date can be the beginning of a great love story. On the other hand, it may also become a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind some important that can play great role in relationships.

1) Dress for success

Appearance is very important. It is essential to be neat and well dressed. In the case of men, it is important that they are shaved, with their hair arranged, good shoes and a pleasant perfume. If they have a beard, it must be properly trimmed. Women should opt for an appropriate and feminine dress, with a soft and beautiful makeup, and a nice hairstyle.

2) Tranquility ... first and foremost

To prepare for a first date it is good to be alone in the room, without having people around who are asking many questions. This will only cause more nerves and some important detail to escape when choosing the right look.

3) Greetings naturally

The first date is a test of fire, from the beginning to the end. When you are in front of the person you should greet him/her naturally and with the greatest possible calm, avoiding showing nervousness or insecurity.

4) Where to go?

It is good that the meeting is in a neutral place, such as a restaurant or a bar so that they can talk in peace. It is not recommended that the first encounter be in the house of either of the two to avoid uncomfortable moments, since there is still no trust between the two.

5) Appetizer or lunch

If the appointment is during the day, you can plan a lunch in a quiet restaurant where people can talk in peace. Another plan may be to go grab some snacks during the afternoon somewhere that is not very bustling.

6) The first conversation, the key to the meeting

The talk should be aimed at both people getting to know each other and telling them what their personal tastes are, what they have studied, what they work for, what sport they prefer, what their hobbies are, how their family is formed, etc.

7) Never talk about former couples

You should never talk about a date from an ex-partner. It is a time to talk about each other and not about third parties. If this is fulfilled, they will be able to know each other in depth to know if there is anything beyond a simple physical attraction.

8) Show the true self

"Be yourself, do not invent something that you are not because it will not benefit you, but the opposite, then, in the future, you can turn against it," experts recommend.

9) Avoid kissing

It is not advisable to kiss on the first date, unless it happens naturally. "Get to know each other we ll and know if they are really for each other," experts recommend.

10) Cordial and chivalrous gestures

At the end of the appointment, it is important for the man to accompany the woman to leave the restaurant. If she has a car, she must accompany it until it goes up and, if it goes by bus, to the bus stop. If she allows it, the man can accompany her to the door of his house, to show concern that she has arrived well.
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